About Kingdom Builders Driving School

The mission of Kingdom Building Driving School is to provide high quality, convenient, and comprehensive driver education courses at the lowest cost.

The most important aspect of driver education is safety. It is the goal of Kingdom Driving School to have graduates of its programs with the safest driving records of any other competitors; to exploit that reputation to create greater market share.

Our driving school with professionalism and the experience of its team of instructors and managers will be able to deliver the same level of products as the best in the industry. Furthermore, by being a minority-owned and community business, it will be seen as part of the day to day business life.

Our company possesses one competitive edge in relation to its rivals. The excellent ability to create strategic alliances that reduce costs and allow it to become a low-cost provider and create its vision of the one-stop driver support center.

5 Kingdom Critical Reasons Why You Need Your Driver's License NOW

Reason #1: Independence

By the time you reach ages 17, it is time to start thinking of your independence. You need the ability to move around without mom and dad always there. Surely you do not want to keep asking mom or dad to drive you around, right? The fact is that mom and dad are working during the day and are unable to take time off work to drive you around.

Reason #2: More job opportunities

Today most jobs require you to have a Driver's License to apply for a job. However, some companies do not need you to have your vehicle. The reason is that they might provide you with a company vehicle. But you still must have your driver's license, right? Having at least a Driver's License is enough to find you a good decent job. Note that some jobs do require a Driver's License as well as your vehicle. i.e., Sales Rep Jobs.

Reason #3: Be mobile by the time you go to college or university

Once you are in College or University, you will be swamped with work. There will be no time… But even more important, you need to focus on your studies instead of struggling to get your Driver's License. The last thing you want to focus on is "learning to drive". Sorting your Driver's License before you start with College or University will also increase your chances of driving yourself to school. Once again, it comes back to being independent and starting early.

Reason #4: Public transportation is unreliable

Who wants to ride the bus to work? Or take the train to College? We all know that public transport can be very unreliable. Way too often, you see broken down buses on the side of the road. And the worst part is every time something like this goes wrong; you must explain to your boss or lecturer why you are late. I don't know about you, but I would instead want to drive myself around than having to keep explaining why I am late because of outside factors.

Reason #5: Emergency situations

What if something terrible happened? What if a family member got hurt and they need to get to the hospital urgently, and what if you are the only other person there take them? You need to be able to drive. This is probably one of the most important reasons why you need to get your Driver's License. You never know when you will be faced with a life or death situation. It's always best to be well prepared is something were to happen.